What is a „Boutique“ Coworking Space?

@SPACEcoworking pioneers the idea of boutique coworking in Berlin. The place is about work culture, values and collectivism. However, what does this movement of boutique coworking spaces stand for and for whom are they set-up?

As the word „boutique” already emphasizes it is a smaller but more exclusive work environment.

It is definitely more then a practical shared office and not a quantity driven upscale coworking organization. Boutique coworking is about quality, as well as life/work balance.

@space collective table

Boutique stands for style, individuality and design. The feeling of the rooms is contemporary and yet class. The very soul of those spaces represents the tenants ambition and her/his sense of exclusivity. The members of boutique coworking spaces are usually entrepreneurs in a sector of quality product. Furthermore, boutique spaces give home to people in the field of design, film, architecture, branding and the arts.

The international tenants cherish the calm work surrounding of an inspirational place as such. Boutique spaces are often hidden away in an more relaxed urban neighborhood. This also hints that these niche workplaces are not about hype or rush, rather then a consistent dynamic and focus. The benefit of these office beauties is that  their community of residing individuals is usually already a bit more experienced in their field of expertise. Therefore, the whole down-to-earth-atmosphere is respectful, relaxed and inviting.

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Guests of boutique coworking spaces are usually impressed by the level-up design and whole feel of comfort, which makes these smaller business hubs also an ideal place to host meetings, workshops or smaller seminars.

The boutique coworking movement is global. See the following examples and dive further into the idea of renewed collectivism, which represents also a rise up of quality over quantity.

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