What is the boutique factor?

@SPACEberlin is a boutique office solution for everybody who needs a work desk!

Boutique coworking is based on the original idea deriving from San Fransisco. On August 9 the programmer Brad Neuberg started what became the modern day coworking space movement. He was unsatisfied with the “unsocial” culture of business centers and felt that he was quite unproductive at his home office. Neuberg had no idea that his new interpretation of spacial use would influence the office world as such.

Nowadays coworking spaces have especially gained importants in urban areas where real-estate prices are constantly on the rise. Therefore, breaking down work space into smaller units and opening it to the public is key to the concept against displacement of devoted individuals, who represent originality, individuality and diversity.

Through coworking spaces professionals have access to remain within a vibrant area, where they can start immediately working due to the existing infrastructure and flexible rental agreements.

@space coworking

However, the true spirit of coworking spaces is under threat since some places have turned the idea corporate, accommodating mainly youngsters who are not devoted to a work culture and community rather then their capitalist agenda.

Please remember an area can have an appealing substance of buildings but they are just facades without people who give soul to a neighborhood.

Coworking spaces are about community and individuals, such as freelancers, digital nomads, designers etc. @SPACEberlin wants invite you to work in a pleasant work environment because work time is life time.

Feel free to come in and take a look at this new coworking space.