2017: Back to the Future

Forget 2016… We are simply going back to the future!

We have witnessed last year a first peak of a global nostalgia and it was not necessarily for the better.

It remains a curiosity that nostalgia was caused and reinforced by digital content.

Pessimism in the digital age was unseen until now. The future was the dreamland, the grail, the utopia to reach for.

Why has the future turned into a dystopia all of a sudden?

For the first time we feel the direct impact of modern communication tech and how it shapes our perception of the real.

The opinion driven virtual world co-relates directly with our life experience. This shift of factual reality and “fictional” reality has flung us right into the post factual age. A schizophrenic condition we can not cope with. 

The new task will be to consciously engage with this basic problem of a no-future feel. This got us stuck in this mediocre presents. Human nature needs a perspective, a promise, something to long for.

The digital workforce, as well as other futurists need to extend on their vision. We need to start debating what an ideal future should provide. The future is not about now it is about tomorrow and beyond. Let’s go back to the future.

@space-team wishes you guys a happy 2017.

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